Eksigent’s Electrokinetic Pump Features

Bulletproof pump performance is key to any high-performance pumping application


At Eksigent, our experience in designing and optimizing the performance of EK pumps has resulted in an affordable, accurate, versatile, and efficient fluid delivery system.

Key features of EKPumps include:

  • Best-in-class battery life
  • Accurate and highly controllable flow
  • No moving parts except check valves and diaphragms
  • Simple electronics
  • Disposable
  • Silent Operation
  • Simple and safe to use by untrained personnel
  • Cost below competitive option

In comparison to other electrokinetic pumps:

  • Better EK pump medium and electrodes
  • Inexpensive materials and simple and clean processes for manufacturing
  • Delivery fluid isolation from EK drive fluid



Highly efficient operation leads to long battery life

For portable pumping applications, long battery life is a must. Eksigent EKPumps operate at about 3 volts, while motor-driven pumps operate at 5 to 12 volts. Eksigent’s flow per watt is more efficient than competing technologies. For example, in an ambulatory pumping application, Eksigent EKPumps can deliver 1 liter of fluid on 2 AA batteries, compared to a typical pump requiring 3 AA batteries to pump 400 mL.

Accurate and controllable flow

In electrokinetic pumping, flow is directly proportional to current and pressure is proportional to voltage. As long as current is constant, the flow rate is constant. Manipulating the current and voltage can be accomplished with simple electronics, and can be changed in minute increments. Thus, Eksigent pumps are able to produce very accurate flow in smaller increments than flow driven by a stepper motor. Changing flow is as simple as increasing or decreasing current and voltage, so a pump’s response to a new set point is fast. Eksigent pumps can also compensate for backpressure and temperature changes as required.

No moving parts except check valves and diaphragms

Almost no moving parts are required to generate flow in an Eksigent EKPump. This design decreases the cost and increases the robustness of the pumping action.

Simple Electronics

Compared to a mechanical device such as a stepper motor, Eksigent EKPumps have simple electronics. Control requires a single H-bridge, compared to two H-bridges required by a stepper motor, and finer flow control is possible than with motor driven pumps.


EKPumps are comprised of a Pump Module and Control Module, the Pump Module generating flow with power and feedback driven by the Control Module. The low cost of Eksigent Pump Modules provides for cost-effective use as a disposable. In addition, the Pump Module is RoHS compliant for use as a disposable. Since the Control Module is separate from the Pump Module and can be reused or recycled, both waste and cost of utilization is minimized.

Silent Operation

Since there are no motors, gears, or bearings, the pump makes no noise while operating.

Simple and safe to use by untrained personnel

EKPumps deliver application-specific stroke volumes and flow rates. The EKPump Control Module has a simple, plug-and-play connection to the Pump Module, enabling quick and easy replacement.

Cost below competitive options

Along with developing a system that excels at high-performance pumping, Eksigent has invested considerable time and resources into developing processes to efficiently manufacture EKPumps. This simple manufacturing scheme readily allows for scale-up of proprietary and sensitive processes and outsourcing of all others. Even at low production levels, EKPumps cost below alternative commercial pump options. At modest production levels, the cost to produce EKPumps will be well below that of all commercial pump alternatives.


Better EK element material and electrodes

Eksigent EKPumps are cheaper to make and can generate higher flow per watt and psi per volt than competing technologies. Our electrode design allows better conductivity between the electrode and porous medium, thus providing higher capacitance and lower resistance.

Inexpensive materials and simple processes for manufacturing

Over a decade of innovation in electrokinetic pump manufacturing processes, we have developed a process using high-grade but inexpensive materials in a simple design.

Pumped fluid isolated from EK fluid

The Pump Module contains a fluid chamber that is proximal but separate from the core EKPump engine. Fluids are delivered while strictly maintaining sterile separation from EK drive fluid.


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