Eksigent’s Electrokinetic Pumping Technology

Eksigent develops cost-efficient pumps that accurately deliver a wide range of flow rates.


Over the past 11 years of research and development, Eksigent has engineered many proprietary and patented features, resulting in an electrokinetic pump that is robust and rich with commercial value.

The key benefits of Eksigent’s pumping technology platform include:



Pumping without moving parts

Core to Eksigent pumping technology is the EK pump engine . By applying a voltage across a porous dielectric medium, flow is generated without any mechanical displacement. The flow rate is proportional to the amount of current flowing through the medium, and the pressure is proportional to the voltage applied across the medium. Eksigent’s EK pump engine is highly efficient, providing for efficient operation throughout all the EKPump platforms.




Applied voltage generates flow through the EK engine.






Proprietary materials for efficient pumping

Eksigent has formulated proprietary EK pump medium with optimized dielectric properties and pore size to maximize EK pumping efficiency. Significant efforts have been made to develop robust and stable materials, with consistent performance characteristics.

Low power consumption leads to exceptional battery life

Eksigent pumps deliver superior performance in a very energy efficient manner. In applications where portability is important, pumps can be run for several days on standard batteries.

Proprietary electrode materials for extended pump utilization

Eksigent’s patented electrode design has super capacitor-like properties, allowing the EKPump to work longer without reaching the hydrolysis limit.

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