Eksigent’s Unique Capabilities

Electrokinetic Pump Development


Eksigent was founded in 2000 by a group of researchers from Sandia National Laboratory with a goal of developing commercial applications for electrokinetic pumping. Throughout the past decade, Eksigent has overcome many challenges to bring the EK pump to commercial viability, especially in the areas of manufacturing and long term stability. We have the experience and know-how to custom design a EK pump for your application.


Unparalleled expertise and Engineering excellence

We have the experience to custom design EK pumps to suit your application, including material selection and electronic control.

While many commercial pumps have used existing pumping technology shoe-horned into micro pumping applications, the EKPump was borne out of the strength of electrokinetic pumping for precision applications.

Eksigent has a strong IP portfolio covering the use of electrokinetic pumping, the unique materials and design that allows robust EK pumping, and the feedback control that allows the EKPump to deliver precise flow rates and enhanced operating safety.

In addition to granted, licensed and filed IP, we have extensive know-how that allow for the scale manufacturing of EKPump engines and software-enabled dynamic control of flow rates.


Collaborative development team

Eksigent has more than 10 years of experience in working towards the implementation of EK technology for commercial applications.

Eksigent has brought together a talented team that is deeply passionate about realizing the benefits of EKPumps. Our team represents a range of scientific and engineering disciplines including material science, mechanical, chemical, software and electrical engineering.

Eksigent works with a range of leading professionals to ensure the EKPump platform is well positioned to deliver superior solutions to current market needs.


For more information on our EKPumps under development or how we can partner on your particular application, call 925-208-4020 or send us an email at info@eksigentllc.com.