Eksigent EKPumps

Affordable, precise and efficient fluid delivery systems for commercial applications


Eksigent is a leading innovator of pumping solutions for accurate delivery of fluids. Our proprietary technology uses electrokinetic pumping to deliver superior performance, in a platform that fits into the palm of your hand.

EKPumps for Commercial Applications

Eksigent is the leader in the application of electrokinetic (“EK”) pumping for commercial applications. The EKPump technology platform has the potential to revolutionize many pumping applications because this superior pumping technology is more reliable and stable than competing technologies, while rich feedback controls ensure optimal pump performance.

Eksigent EKPumps are ideal for high-precision applications because of their flexible, modular, and low-cost design, with accurate delivery across a wide range of flow rates. EKPumps come in multiple configurations to meet today’s demanding pumping requirements. EKPump technology is fundamentally different from and outperforms many pumps available today.


Engineering Resource

Eksigent has unparalleled expertise in developing electrokinetic pumping devices from hardware to software for nanoflow to high flow applications. We seek to collaborate with companies to develop products using our EKPump technology, as well as integrating our platforms into commercial applications.